The definitive leader in community based residential care and behavioral health management for developmentally delayed dually diagnosed children and adolescents

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Residential Habilitation- Residential Habilitation means supervision and training with the acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills….to enable individual(s) to reside in the community (Florida Statute 393). Reyna Group Home staff trains clients in becoming as independent as possible within a community-based residential setting.

*Behavioral Modification- Reyna Group Home outsources behavior analysts to develop behavioral plans based on documented behaviors, frequencies, and durations to address maladaptive behaviors. Reyna Group Home has both APD approved and private behavioral analysts to meet the needs of the most disruptive clients. Reyna Group Home staff is trained in Professional Crisis Management and has vast experience working with children and adolescents with a wide range of behavioral needs.

*Foster Care- Reyna Group Home is an approved foster care provider through the Department of Children and Families that provides a safe family environment for neglected, battered, and abused children and adolescents. John and Amy Reyna are Foster Parents of the Year for the state of Florida (circa 2005).

Community Inclusion- Reyna Group Home staff brings our clients into the community to interact and assimilate appropriate societal behaviors. Community integration is one of the most important aspects of the program.

*One-on-one psychotherapy- Reyna Group Home outsources licensed therapists to provide one-on-one in-house therapy for issues ranging from separation anxiety to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to sexual abuse.

*Other therapies- Reyna Group Home outsources other services such as physical, speech, and occupational therapies.

*Certain restrictions apply

If you are a parent or guardian of a male child or adolescent (ages 3-17) who has tried every alternative to improving your developmentally disabled child’s behavior with failure, help is here. Call Richard Charlemon at 954-599-7905 for a free evaluation of your child to determine if your child meets our organization’s criteria for placement.

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